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Magic Pie - Oasis


An extraordinary guy
Can never have an ordinary day
He might live a long goodbye
But that is not for me to say
I dig his friends, I dig his shoes
He is just a child with nothing to lose
But his mind, his mind

They are sleeping while they dream
But then they want to be adored
They who don’t say what they mean
Will live and die by their own sword
I dig their friends, I dig their shoes
They are like a child with nothing to lose
In their minds, yeah in their minds

But I’ll have my way
In my own time
I’ll have my say
My star will shine

'Cos you see me I've got my magic pie
Think of me, yeah that was me I was that passer by
I’ve been and now I’ve gone

There are but a thousand days
But heading for a thousand years
Many minds to educate
The people who have disappeared
D’you dig my friends? D’you dig my shoes?
I am like a child with nothing to lose
But my mind, yeah, my mind

We’ll have our way
In our own time
We’ll have our say
‘Cos my star’s gonna shine

'Cos you see me I've got my magic pie
Think of me, yeah that was me I was that passer by
I’ve been and now I’ve gone

Yeah yeah yeah

You see me I’ve got my magic pie
Think of me, yeah that was me I was that passer by
Yeah, passer by

Think of me I’ve got my magic pie
Think of me, yeah that was me I was that passer by
I’ve been and now I’ve gone

Yeah yeah yeah



Biggest plot twist in history.

Forrest Gump is the biggest plot twist in history!

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Movie Update! Manglehorn



I go in for my fitting tomorrow and I was just told I will have 6 costume changes!!! I feel like fucking BEYONCE!!!

Yes I am :)

Now all you need is weave

I was listening to songs on my ipod last night and started thinking about what exactly music means to me…to all of us. For instance…”Margaritaville”…is NOT on my ipod…nor will it ever be…but I remember the first time I ever heard the song was from my aunt. We were walking back from the store when I was about five years old. The day was hot and humid…I was barefoot…and my aunt was half singing…half humming the song (we’d heard it on the radio in the store) and I recall asking her what the song was about. The part about the tattoo bothered me. In my five year old mind, it was fascinating that someone could get a tattoo and not realize how it got there.

At the time…the only people that I had ever seen with tattoos were salty old musicians and people who had done hard time.

Who was this “woman” that was to blame? And how did she get this guy to get a tattoo?

My aunt had insufficient answers to my questions. She didn’t know who the lady was…but she thought there was a good chance that she was Mexican.

The day was muggy and hot…there was dust all over my feet…and I decided that Jimmy Buffett was probably an alcoholic like our fiddle player Robert. Since that day…my picture of Jimmy Buffett and his music has been colored with that memory. He will forever be dirty feet on a hot summer Tennessee sidewalk…and my aunt’s scrunched up face telling me that I ask too many questions.

Funny thing is…there are lots of songs like that in my life. I remember where I was when I heard them first…how I felt…what the room looked like…how things smelled. Everything.  

Patty Loveless - You Don't Even Know Who I Am 1995 Video stereo widescreen - YouTube

Dear #Nashville…and Radio Programmers that have made “the leap” to Country…

I’m the person you’ve been cranking out music for…for years. I’m the backbone of country radio. If you’re wondering where I’ve been or what I’m up to…or what I think…I wish you’d ask me.

I’ve got a kid in the Navy, a daughter that’s been married a year or two and my youngest just started high school. They all love the music they grew up to. It’s what mama played for them. (Mama listened to other music besides country…I still do…but when I want to hear country…I’d like for it to at least “feel” country).

You guys think you know what I want? (Well, if that were the case…the divorce rate would be a helluva lot lower wouldn’t it?)

I don’t “matter”? I don’t buy music? You bet your ass I do. You just haven’t been giving me a whole lot to put my hard-earned money down for…in years.

If I want to hear a mandolin, banjo or a guitar…I’ve got to go search for it. Funny how The Avett Brothers, Mumford and Sons…find airplay on everything but country radio. I’m not a huge fan of those two…but I think it’s ironic that they’re played on the stations where Moog synthesizers and drum machines made their mark and “country” radio wouldn’t touch them with a 10 foot pole.

I’ve been over here waiting for something…country. A little George Strait and Alan Jackson makes a lot of the “pop country” go down. It seems you don’t “get” them anymore. You’d rather expect me to sit through the same music I tried to get away from in ‘93-‘97 because you got here a little late?

I can handle the new guys at the format. It’s great to hear what they’ve done to create their own sound…but…I’m not going through my mid-life crisis yet. I like a steel guitar…I like hearing women sing songs that speak to me. Yes. Me.

I loved the first two Eric Church cd’s, Luke Bryan, Miranda Lambert and Reba McEntire….(she might not test well at your place…but she’s in my short stack)…Gary Allan (if the song is right…I’m hooked)…Keith Urban…Kenny Chesney, Jason Aldean…Mark Chesnutt…Kip Moore…Tim McGraw…and God bless Alan Jackson. I love a good Toby record, too.

The pop/rock tinged records are fun…when they’re NOT the only thing on the radio…or Pandora…or…whatever.

Music is a very personal thing. There has to be a connection with the material to have true staying power. There’s a reason you still hear certain songs on the radio decades after their peak. Those songs…made an impact and connected…with people…like me.

It happens in all formats. There’s a reason Zeppelin is still around…those godforsaken Phil Collins solo records…and I have to admit…I still get a little teary when I hear “Human Nature” by MJ. I listen to everything…because not only did I get the right to vote over a 100 years ago…I also was given a mind that operates on its’ own. They let me drive now…and even more exciting…I’ve learned how to manipulate the internet and seek out all those things that your focus groups tell you that I don’t want.

The word Jaye Albright used was “disenfranchised”…and it’s dead on.

I own the Nirvana and Ozzy box-sets…Tool, RHCP…and some Del McCoury (look him up…he’s got a Grammy or two)…and my secret shame is that I love almost anything George Michael ever put out. These artists…they all speak to me.

I’m not alone. There are millions of women just like me. When my radio is on a country station…I’d like a little “country” on it. It doesn’t ALL have to be “pure country”…but that’s why I came here.

I’m down for one “Dirt Road Anthem” every three or four records or so. (It actually enhances those records to keep them nestled in between more traditional sounding songs). It makes the radio…sound as diverse as I am.

Female singers these days sound like…they’re in pain (not like the Patsy Cline, Reba soul wrenching sort of pain…it’s more of an “OMG my left breast got caught in the mammogram machine” sort of pain.

Screeching country pop?!

If I wanted that…I’d flip over to Top 40 radio…try to pretend that I’m not over 30…sing into my pretend microphone…and hope that my teenage daughter doesn’t hate me because her hormones dictate that “it must be so”.

But then again…I’m just a woman…right smack dab in the middle of your bread and butter demographic. What the hell would I know about what I want?

PS…I’d like to dedicate this Patty Loveless song…to you.


Just some random female between 35 and 44



@georgelogic kind of looks like Peter Dinklage… maybe it’s just the matching outfits

Me and Pete are bros for life
The resemblance…is uncanny.



@georgelogic kind of looks like Peter Dinklage… maybe it’s just the matching outfits

Me and Pete are bros for life

The resemblance…is uncanny.


Jessica Lange will leave American Horror Story after one more season.

Yeah…that’s NOT working for me. #LOVEher
#oaktober #letsgooakland #game2

#oaktober #letsgooakland #game2